You will find a short video showing the correct way to apply your DYEDbro protection kits to you bike below.

How to wrap & unwrap

Firstly and most important of all. Do not forget to clean meticulously your frame with isopropyl alcohol to remove any traces of grease, dirt or dust. To do this, use a rag soaked in alcohol and once clean, dry it with a paper towel. Once clean, place the top tube protector using the marks on both ends, and centre it on the frame. Using the spatula, apply the protector by pressing from the middle outwards towards the ends in order to remove any air and bubbles that remain between the protector and the frame. If possible use a heat gun or dryer to keep the adhesive at a temperature of about 50-100º, this way it will be much easier to install. Continue with the rest of the pieces and remember that you should not cut excess sizes of the protector with a stanley knife once fitted to the frame, or you could risk damaging it. Once applied, let it dry for 24 hours so that the adhesive settles and if you see a corner has detached a bit, apply heat again and pressure it with the spatula. Now you are ready to enjoy your DYEDbro protector.